Virtual Training

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We can create virtual training tools designed to improve engagement and produce results that can be recorded. Bespoke solutions that immerse the learner and simulate true-to-life scenarios with 360 degree photo and video environments.

virtual training hi-impact
Case Study
virtual training hi-impact


To help the warehouse staff learn about common hazards in the workplace, hi-impact was tasked with creating a 360 degree warehouse scene with purposely staged hazards. Staff can now digitally visit this scenario and are required to locate and select the areas featuring issues. Spilt water, broken glass, trip hazards and other problems are all featured.

Our in-house media specialists provide all video and graphic content for our solutions. Get in touch about more of their media services.

We’ve got you covered!

  • Reduce training costs
  • Less onsite errors
  • Safe-to-fail spaces
  • Scenario training
  • Training for hazardous sites
  • Safe training
  • Anytime Anywhere access
  • Allows for repeated training
  • Interactive assessments
  • Meets learner needs
  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Better prepared staff

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“This is going to save lives!”

Steve Jones, Setters UK

Traditional classroom training can be difficult to arrange, lacking in engagement or even impossible due to restrictions. Whatever your reason for considering it, virtual training resources are easy to build and can help you deliver in a range of styles.

virtual training hi-impact
Quiz cards, hidden hazard identification, click to score – we can even link results to your Learning Management System.