Virtual Exhibitions and Shows

Customise 360 virtual exhibitions with your own branding and theme.

Stylish designs for all types of events


  • Jobs and Career Fairs
  • Corporate Fairs
  • Virtual recruitment Fairs
  • Marketing events
  • Online Conferences
  • Virtual Campus
  • Press Conference
  • Business Exhibition



virtual exhibitions hi-impact

Bespoke Design

Entire event space and all contents are customisable. Each stand can be designed with the client to ensure the branding and message is correct, as well as including all marketing materials required.


Interactive Links

Tags and links can be embedded into the design to show a variety of interactive content such as video, website links, menus etc.

Anytime Anywhere

Your virtual exhibitions can be accessed from any device with internet connection, 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Making the exhibition more accessible to international attendees who cannot visit in person.

Cost Effective

Digital events save cost for everyone. No longer will you have huge organiser, exhibitor or even visitor costs. Less preparation time and more time to market. Virtual attendance is easy, convenient and efficient- saving you time and money!

virtual exhibitions hi-impact

Engage Your Audience

Networking events and the like have been hit hard by COVID-19 and our interactive digital versions can bring venues and stands to life with a range of stunning graphics as well as some phenomenal interactive features such as live chats, pop out videos, digital brochures and even 3D hosts on the stands!

  • Unlimited capacity
  • No logistical considerations
  • No limits on space
  • Fully interactive, branded stands
  • Sales potential with stands and sponsorships available
  • Any internet-enabled device
  • Anywhere in the world
  • Efficient and cost-effective

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