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Working Together

Virtual Tours and Video

This Virtual tour of the RRS Sir David Attenborough is the latest of our creative team’s exciting high profile projects, and one of our most challenging shoots so far.

Hi-impact’s involvement was to live stream interviews and key moments throughout the event, managing these into looping content that will be displayed on the internet as well as on huge video walls on the quayside for the public. This content featured videos from the build of the vessel, interviews with Sir David Attenborough and other notable people, and advertisements for the new virtual SDA resource also created by hi-impact.


Ahead of the live event in Greenwich, hi-impact spent time onboard the RRS Sir David Attenborough filming interviews with key personnel who explained more about living and working on the ship. These interviews where then used to form a 45 minute guided video tour of the vessel thay was streamed during the live event in London.
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The British Antarctic Survey commissioned Hi-Impact to help develop and then deliver a virtual platform to allow our staff, collaborators and interested public to visit and learn about our new ship – RRS Sir David Attenborough. Visitors will use the resource to learn about the ship’s science capabilities as well as getting a glimpse of where we live & work whilst at sea. A complex platform that is accessible from both desktop and mobile devices.

From first discussions following the initial brief, Hi-Impact has delivered both creative & technical advice and options. Throughout the development communication has been clear and regular, from formal emails to discussions through online chats and Zoom meetings.

There have been a number of delays to the development which have been very much out of our control, but in every case Hi-Impact staff have been totally flexible, even ensuring that we have had a test platform to show our key users along the journey.

We are very impressed with the work of Hi-Impact and the resulting virtual platform. We will be very happy to continue working with them in the future.”

Pete Bucktrout

Senior Creative Services Manager, British Antarctic Survey

SDA 2 hi-impact ld


From 28-30th October, hi-impact joined the British Antarctic Survey in Greenwich, SE London, as the RRS Sir David Attenborough sailed in from Harwich to make its final stop ahead of sailing south to Antarctica for the very first time.

The occasion was marked with a 3 day event, focusing on the Royal Maritime Museum and the Cutty Sark as venues, with talks and exhibitions made available to the general public.

Hi-impact’s involvement was to live stream interviews and notable moments, managing these into looping content that was displayed on the internet as well as on large video walls on the dockside. This content featured videos from the build of the vessel, interviews with Sir David Attenborough and other notable people, the video tours created previously in Harwich and advertising for the new virtual SDA resource also created by hi-impact.

What we do


matterport 3d walkthrough

hi-impact L&D create complete immersive walkthrough scans of a multitude of settings. Whether it is for access, marketing or sales the team can work with you to produce a beautiful innovative tool.

custom built platform

hi-impact can design and build immersive environments to house media such as walkthrough tours and videos. For large scale projects this solution allows you to explore all areas in a central location.


Telling your story, a video helps you to quickly and effectively explain who you are, what you do and give your potential clients a feel for your true ethos. hi-impact are specialists in creating video content for clients scorss the UK and abroad.


 Our technical and education staff will be able to help you produce the best possible live content for your budget and target audience. Broadcast quality cameras and microphones will be combined with motion graphics and audio cues to achieve great results.

Simon Sloan, Innovation Manager, hi-impact

“We were lucky enough to create some early virtual tours of a few areas of the ship whilst it was at Cammell Laird in Birkenhead during the build process. Those tours received a lot of interest and the British Antarctic Survey soon began speaking with us about how to capture the vessel as a whole. A full tour wasn’t ever going to be possible with this technology and the ship’s layout, so we proposed a bespoke interactive platform based on a cross-section model of the ship with hotspots linking to 360 images, educational information and new virtual tours captured more recently.” 

“In addition to this, we designed and constructed a menu structure to give the virtual visitor access to a video bank and documents containing facts about the ship. It is an innovative way to provide access to the ship for the general public and despite the

complexities of the platform build, the end user experience will be exceptionally intuitive and rewarding, offering behind the scenes access and in-depth exploration of some really interesting spaces on board!”