Industry Support

hi-impact L&D work with organisations from all industries, providing high quality services to support their training, organisation and marketing objectives.

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Construction and Manufacturing

eLearning solutions, livestream sessions and immersive environments linked to your LMS.

Hi-impact’s media and education expertise combine to produce engaging training materials.






With hi-impact’s strong background in educational technology, bespoke Curriculum-focused, gamified resources are designed to engage, excite and educate. Teaching resources, learning materials and self-paced digital quizzes are just some of the possibilities.




industry training hi-impact
hi-impact L&D


Interactive ways to showcase your space. Venues have been using this downtime wisely and readying themselves for when restrictions lift – getting 360 photography or infrared scanning completed whilst rooms are unused.



Events Organisation

It is all too easy to see virtual events as a poor substitute for the real thing, but at hi-impact we like to focus on their clear benefits. No venue hire costs, no setup logistics, no travel issues for attendees and 24/7 availability for as long as you want it to be live!



hi-impact L&D

Heritage and Tourism

We have developed solutions for The Roman Baths, Chester City Council, Manx National Heritage and Port Sunlight among others. Ranging from simple virtual tours to fully branded platforms featuring aerial 360 images and menu structures – we’ve got a wide variety of options to help you engage with your visitors both new and old.



Digitising physical resources for TV production agencies, making interactive games from 360 degree photographs at heritage sites or time lapse films of a football match – anything you can dream up is possible!




industry training hi-impact
industry training hi-impact


Enabling your physical spaces to be digitised to retain that feeling of exploring a retail space but embedding the ability to click and buy from within.