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Digital content in Education has become a necessity, as more schools and organisations move to a more interactive way of teaching – allowing access in the classroom and also at home.


Complete Project Planning

Our team will work with you to plan projects from initial stages to completion. Our bespoke method of working will ensure your project stands apart from others you have seen.

Media Specialists

Our award-winning media specialists will work alongside the design team to ensure that any interactive content can be kept under one room and the process is seamless from start to finish.

Education Specialist

hi-impact is rooted in Education with 15 years experience supporting Foundation through to University. Our team of specialists ensures resources meet the outcomes of the assigned level.

Engage with Digital Content

Interactive resources using 360 degree content

Immersive experiences often use 360 degree imagery. This allows the user to feel a part of their digital environment and offers them the opportunity to scroll left and right or up and down to fully explore.


Building in gaming elements to your training increases engagement and can lead to better results. Adding gameplay such as scoring, time limits or challenges also helps the resource appeal to a wider audience.

Escape rooms

Using clues, inputs and conditional hotspots, immersive experiences can be designed that deny access to or from a space until a solution has been inputted. Murder mystery venues, Escape Rooms and educational resources can all be created.

Scavenger hunts

Using the Click To Score feature, experiences can be built that require a user to locate and select objects or areas. These can be visible or hidden and a hints mechanism can be implemented to assist if required.

Virtual field trips

Visits to field trip locations may be impossible or be restricted by costs or logistics. A digital twin of a space can help children experience a place that they may never get the chance to visit in person. Virtual field trips can also provide great follow up activities following physical visits.

education resources hi-impact
education resources hi-impact
education resources hi-impact

“The hi-impact team are a fantastic asset. From initial conversations and briefing to final production they are always professional and courteous, making everyone feel at ease throughout the process. The team is supportive and continuously diligent – producing numerous edits of the work to meet our specifications and always ensuring the quality is excellent. 

Subsequently, the media work produced has enabled us to increase our sales and sponsorship hugely and provided a project legacy. We are so pleased to have partnered with this team and are excited about the work we will produce with them in the future”


Michelle Dow
BigBang North West Manager


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