hi-impact L&D

Engaging, interactive 360 degree content, gamification, escape rooms, scavenger hunts, livestreaming and more.


Engaging, interactive education resources using 360 degree content, gamification, escape rooms, scavenger hunts, virtual field trips and much more.

  • Fun, engaging learning environments
  • Fail in the game, not in real life
  • Use competitions and rewards to aid learning and development

Virtual Training

We can create digital training tools designed to improve engagement and produce results that can be recorded. Bespoke learning and development solutions that immerse the learner and simulate true-to-life scenarios with 360 degree photo and video environments. 

  • Reduce cost of mistakes by creating safe-to-fail spaces
  • Scenario training
  • Train for hazardous sites in a safe environment first

Virtual Exhibitions and Shows

Networking events and the like have been hit hard by COVID-19 and our interactive digital versions can bring venues and stands to life with a range of stunning graphics as well as some phenomenal interactive features such as live chats, pop out videos, digital brochures and even 3D hosts on the stands!

  • 24/7 availability
  • No logistical considerations
  • No limits on space
  • Fully interactive, branded stands
  • Sales potential with stands and sponsorships available


From simple, free solutions to more professional and capable live productions hosted in our studio, our technical and education staff will be able to help you produce the best possible content for your budget and target audience.

  • Deliver your training or other content in a studio environment
  • Custom graphics, countdown timers, captions etc..
  • Dedicated operator to bring in graphics, guest speakers etc during your event

Consultancy & DIY Bundles

If you wish to invest in the equipment and training to be able to conduct your own live lessons or livestreams, get in touch to ask about our Learning and Development bundles.

  • Simple to use solutions for self-operation
  • Webcams, microphones, stands, software and user guide
  • Remote training and support available

Media Services

Creating award-winning and engaging content for some of the most prestigious clients in their respective industries, hi-impact media brings high quality results and a client-centric approach to every job. Whether it is video training tools for an international designer’s global team of merchandisers, a promotional film for a 5 star hotel or a 3D Virtual Tour for a top tourist attraction, hi-impact media takes time with every client to develop a partnership based on trust and flexibility.

Happy Customers

"Because our new staff had used hi-impact's virtual tour of the vessel they instantly knew their way around - it was like they'd already been onboard!"

Neil Reid

Contracts Manager, Briggs Marine

"Having worked with them on previous projects, getting excellent levels of support, we reached out to hi-impact L&D to help turn our traditional classroom-based seminar where we usually create significant levels of engagement, into an equally engaging, studio quality livestream. The session was a definite success, with our client feedback very positive resulting in meeting our objective of securing more business. The team at Hi-Impact were very supportive, professional and flexible offering a number of solutions to meet our needs. We are excited to work with the team on more exciting projects soon!"



Steve Jones

Programme Director and Performance Coach, Setters

"We have been thrilled with the service we have received and more than impressed by the turnaround times. We already have plans to work with Hi Impact again in the future."

Laura Jefferies

Twickenham Events

Our Clients